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Australian Kangaroo

Australian Kangaroo (Picture 1)


Kangaroo is any kangaroo marsupial purpose, mainly in parts of mainland Australia and Papua New Guinea. Of these, some species are unique to Australia. Different species of kangaroos live in different Australian natural environments, from cool climate rain forests and desert plains to the tropics. Kangaroo is the highest jump farthest mammals. Kangaroo is a herbivore, eat a variety of plants, and some also eat fungi. Most of them are active at night, but some are also active in the early morning or late afternoon. Kangaroo usually gregarious, sometimes up to hundreds. However, some smaller kangaroos will live alone. Kangaroo will not walk, will only jump, or with the help of the forelegs and hind legs running forward. Kangaroo, a night-life creature, usually looks for food only hours after the sun goes down, returning to the nest shortly after the sun comes out.

All kangaroos, regardless of size, have one thing in common: the hind legs with long legs are strong and powerful. Kangaroo to jump on behalf of the run, the maximum can jump to 4 meters, the farthest jump to 13 meters, can be said to be the highest jumping mammals. Most kangaroos live on the ground, jumping from their muscular hind legs, to easily distinguish them from other animals. Kangaroos use their tails to balance during the jump, and when they move slowly, the tail can serve as the fifth leg. Kangaroo tail thick and long, covered with muscle. It kangaroo body can support kangaroo rest, but also in kangaroo jump, help kangaroo jump faster and farther.

Zoologists research, kangaroo is a typical representative of bagged animals. The pouch, an under-developed animal, is a premature fetus and therefore needs to develop in a pouch that has four nipples, two high-fat and two low-fat mothers. Common kangaroo usually produce 3 to 4 children per baby, kangaroo into the bag after birth, they eat low-fat milk, which determines the child can only survive 2; kangaroo was born very small, only about 1 peanut So big, the height of an adult kangaroo 2.6 meters weight can reach 50 kg. Kangaroo beats with the beating run speed very fast, up to 50 kilometers per hour or more. Kangaroo has a "multi-functional" tail, its role is very large, it can rest at rest in the ground, and both lower limbs play a balancing role in the body, running the tail is an important balancing tool, the other kangaroo tail or Important offensive and defensive weapons.

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