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Docile sea lion

Docile sea lion (Picture 1)


Sea lions are very socialized animals, they have a variety of communication methods. Usually cluster activities, sometimes in the landing of thousands of large groups can be formed, but there are 1 small groups of 1 or more heads. Prey in the sea during the day, swimming and diving mainly rely on longer forelimbs, even if they will climb to the shore, they are sleeping on the shore. In addition to breeding, there is generally no fixed habitat, and the aura is spent 2-3 weeks every month, and the time of the female beast and the child stay at the terrestrial.

The sea lion is marine mammal. The breeding period is mating, young and changing on the shore of the island. A macro and 10-15 female beasts are formula each year. The female beast is only 1 digit, and the newborn paste is pure black, and it will be faded after a few months. The pup is about 100 cm in born, with a weight of about 20 kg. It has reached sexual maturity at the age of 3-5, and the rapid growth in the previous five years. Life can reach more than 20 years. The size of the male and female and the size is significant, and the male is generally larger than the female. The sea lion has no fixed living space, and more places in the food is sufficient. They are mainly gathered in areas rich in bait, and food is primarily a benthous fish and head foot. Some species of sea lions live in the Arctic Circle, while others living in a warm sea area, including California, USA.

The sea lion is small, and the body is generally no more than 2 meters. Beihai lion is the largest of Sea Shisho. The male body is 310-350 cm, with a weight of 1000 kg. The male adult neck is surrounded by long and thick mane, the body hair is yellowish brown, the back is shallow, the chest and abdomen are deep. Female body is more lazy, no mane. The facial is short, the kiss is blunt, the eyes and outer ear shells are smaller. The front limb is longer and wide, the first toe is the longest, and the claw degeneration is degraded. The outer tole of the hind limbs is wide and wide, and the intermediate trial claws.

South American sea lion is dark gray, female and most immature individual body color diversity, neck and back is gray, but there are some grunge white, making it silver gray, abdominal. Ear shell. The head is 25.5 cm long, the amount is flat, the kiss is a long, the rude length is 3.8 cm, and the width is wide, the teeth are parallel, the crown is three or one. The male body is 1.2 meters long, the weight is 120-200 kg, the female body is 1.4 meters long, and the weight is 40-50 kg.

The sea lion is considered to be a very timid and docile animal, but there are some reports on human attackers. There is a strong territory conscious during reproduction, and male is more active, especially when it comes to the mating right of females. The sea lion uses fish, squid, sea bream, and loves to eat krill, sometimes even eat penguins when hungry. Most of them are swallowed, don't chew. The sea lion is very rich, so they stay in the sea to prey in the sea, fill their own big stomach to get the energy of the swimming movement. In order to help digest, you have to swallow some small stones.

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