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Lotus flower

Lotus flower (Picture 1)


Lotus, also known as water hibiscus. It is a perennial aquatic herbaceous flower of the lotus genus. The underground stems are long and plump, with long knots and round leaf shields. Flowering period from June to September, solitary on the top of the pedicel, with many petals, embedded in the torus hole, with red, pink, white, purple and other colors, or with color patterns and borders. The nuts are oval and the seeds are oval. The lotus is the national flower of India and Vietnam. There are many types of lotus, divided into two categories: ornamental and edible. Native to tropical and temperate regions of Asia. The whole body of lotus is precious, lotus root and lotus seeds are edible, lotus seeds, rhizomes, lotus joints, lotus leaves, flower and seed germs can all be used as medicine.

The lotus is an aquatic plant, and the calm and shallow waters, lakes, marshes, and ponds with relatively stable sexual preference are suitable for its habitat. The water requirement of lotus depends on its variety. Large plant-shaped varieties such as ancient lotus and Hongqianye have a deeper water level, but cannot exceed 1.7 meters. Small and medium plant shapes are only suitable for water depths of 20-60 cm. At the same time, the lotus is very sensitive to water loss. In summer, the lotus leaves planted in the water tank will be sluggish as long as the water is not irrigated for 3 hours. The lotus is also very light-loving, and it needs a full-light environment during the growth period. The lotus is extremely shade-tolerant, and will show strong phototaxis when grown in a semi-shade place.

Lotus Appreciation is the first to promote "Quyuan Fenghe", which is a famous garden for appreciation of lotus in the summer of West Lake in China. According to legend, the Quyuan was once a workshop for brewing official liquor in the Southern Song Dynasty. People in the workshop planted lotus flowers in the courtyard during their leisure time. When the lotus blossoms in summer, the fragrance of the lotus is filled with a strong aroma of wine, and the fragrance fills the garden. The Fenghe of Quyuan is named after it, and it has become one of the ten scenic spots of West Lake. Weishan Lake is known as the "Chinese Lotus Capital" and has a lotus pond of 100,000 acres. The connotation of the beauty of Weishan Lake is rich and colorful. In terms of its dazzling beauty, you have to count the lotus that is overwhelming the lake. Every summer and autumn, Baili Lake is full of flowers and lotus fragrance. The flowers are red and white, the red is as rosy, and the white is as cold as snow. The lotus flower with such a large area is rare in the whole country, and it can be called a great spectacle.

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