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Dahlia flower

Dahlia flower (Picture 1)


Dahlia, a perennial herb with huge stick-shaped roots. The stem is upright, multi-branched, 1.5-2 meters high, and sturdy. Native to Mexico, Mexicans regard it as a symbol of generosity and wealth, so they respect it as the national flower. Dahlias are suitable for planting in flower beds, flower paths or in front of the courtyard, and dwarf varieties can be used as potted plants. From the flower shape, dahlias have the shape of chrysanthemum, lotus, peony, crab claw, etc. The diameter of the flower is as small as the size of a wine cup, and the larger one is more than 30 cm. Their colors include not only single colors such as red, yellow, orange, purple, light red, and white, but also a variety of more brilliant colors.

Dahlia is planted in most countries in the world, and new varieties have been selected for breeding. According to statistics, Dahlia has more than 30,000 varieties, which is one of the most flower species in the world. Dahlia has a wide variety of colors and flower shapes. It is one of the world's famous flowers; it can also promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, and has a certain medicinal value. Dahlias are difficult to plant and have good effects. They can be planted in general households and have a long flowering period. The root tubers are planted in late March and can bloom in mid-June. They can be bloomed until the frost period, which can not only beautify the garden, but also give Farmers bring economic benefits, so courtyard farming is a good direction.

Dahlia is known as one of the world's famous flowers mainly because of its long flowering period, large flower diameter and many flowers. In the northern region, the flowering period is from May to mid-November. Under suitable temperature conditions, the annual blooming can be continuous, and the blooming is the most prosperous after autumn. The maximum flower diameter of fine dahlias can reach 30~40cm, which is unique among flowers. There are seven colors of red, purple, white, yellow, orange, ink, and multiple colors. The flowers have single and double petals. Single-petal flowers have a shorter opening time, and double-petaled flowers have a longer opening time. Flower characteristics and petal shape changes are the main basis for variety identification. There are varieties of flower types such as ball, chrysanthemum, peony, decorative, dish, hydrangea, and peony, with beautiful flowers.

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