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Hibiscus, Chinese rose

Hibiscus, Chinese rose (Picture 1)


Hibiscus is also called Buddha Hibiscus and Chinese Rose. Because the color of the flowers is mostly red, the Lingnan area of ​​China is commonly called the big red flower. Evergreen shrub, about 1-3 meters high; branchlets cylindrical, sparsely stellate pilose. The leaves are broadly ovate or narrowly ovate, and both sides are glabrous except for a few sparse hairs along the veins on the back. The flowers are solitary in the upper leaf axils, often drooping; the corolla is funnel-shaped, 6-10 cm in diameter, rose red or pale red, pale yellow, etc., the petals are obovate, the apex is round, and the outside is sparsely pilose. The capsule is ovate, about 2.5 cm long, smooth and glabrous, with a beak. Flowering throughout the year.

Hibiscus was a popular ornamental plant in ancient times, and its origin was China. The record of hibiscus appeared in a book "The Grass and Trees in the South" during the Western Jin Dynasty. The flowers are big and colorful and open in all seasons. They are mainly used for garden viewing. It is planted all over the world, especially in tropical and subtropical regions. Hibiscus hibiscus is the city flower of Nanning, the capital of Guangxi, China. The dome of the main building of the Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center is a huge blooming hibiscus flower. The 12 petals signify the unity of 12 ethnic minorities in Guangxi. Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center is located on the bank of Zhuxi Overpass. It covers an area of ​​850 acres and consists of the main building, the exhibition square, the folk song square, and the administrative complex.

Hibiscus is a beautiful ornamental flower with large flowers and a long flowering period. In addition to red, there are also pink, orange, yellow, pink-rimmed red hearts and white varieties; in addition to single petals, there are also double petals. Potted hibiscus is one of the best flowers and trees for decorating holiday parks, flower beds, hotels, conference venues and family flowers. The roots, leaves, and flowers can be used as medicine, and have the effects of clearing heat and diuresis, detoxification and swelling. Hibiscus is mostly planted in the south by pools, pavilions, roadsides and walls. Red flowers bloom continuously throughout the year and are extremely lively. The Yangtze River Basin and the north often decorate balconies or small gardens with potted plants. Under sufficient sunlight, the viewing period is particularly long. It is also one of the main flowering potted plants placed in public places in summer and autumn.

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