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Chrysanthemum, flower

Chrysanthemum, flower (Picture 1)


Chrysanthemums, in the plantation of the synapho, the perennial perennial hugs of Chrysanthemum. According to the cultivated form, it is a cultivation type of ambicia, alone, daily chrysanthemum, cliff, chrysanthemum, granary granule. Chrysanthemums are spectacular, summer chrysanthemum: also known as ninecrude. Every year, the lunar calendar is all bloom once. Today, the cultivation of protection facilities can be cultivated once in the yang calendar and October. Autumn chrysanthemum: there is an early, late, late. In the late September, the early September is medium-sized as medium-sized. The late chrysanthemum period is a large chrysanthemum in 10- November, which is the most popular autumn chrysanthemum. Cold Chrysanthemum: It is also known as winter chrysanthemum. Flowers from December to January. The daisy flower in different types is named a variety of varieties.

Chrysanthemum is a precious ornamental flower that has been cultivated for a long time. Before and after the AD, as a viewed chrysanthemum is passed from China to Japan. At the end of the 17th century, Ye Nahnockers introduced Chinese chrysanthemum into Europe, introduced to France in the 18th century, and introduced North America in the middle of the 19th century. Since then, Chinese chrysanthemums are all over the world. Chrysanthemum is one of China's top ten famous flowers, one of the four gentlemen (Mei Lanzhu), is also one of the four major cuts of the world (chrysanthemum, the moon, carnation, Gunqi), the output. Because the chrysanthemum has the character of the cold and proud snow, there is a famous sentence of Tao Yuanming's "Chrysanthemum under the East Term Festival, see Nanshan". Chinese people have customs of Chongyang Festival and jewislement. Tang Meng Haoran, "His Last People Zhuang": "Stay in Chongyang, you will come to Chrysanthemum." In the ancient myth legend, chrysanthemums were also given auspicious and longevity.

Chrysanthemum varieties have great samples, classified workers to explore the original ancestors of chrysanthemum. Or think that the wild chrysanthemum is the original ancestors of chrysanthemum, or think that chamomile is the original ancestor, or thinks its original ancestor is a small red chrysanthemum, or a series of possible original ancestors. The Chinese scientists have also conducted some hybrid experiments, and some speculation and experimental work have been made in exploring the true source of chrysanthemum. Regardless of the speculation and experiment, it is tried to implement the source of chrysanthemum in one or two of the belonging, and try to point out that in these vast varieties, which variety is the most primitive, that is, to find out The most primary chrysanthemum variety.

It can be sure that the source of chrysanthemum is multifaceted, and it is diverse rather than the origin of the unit. Chrysanthemum is a flour plant. In the long-term practice, the new traits of chrysanthemums are used to obtain the symptoms, and even the ambiguity of hybridization, and the separation of new traits is obtained by returning, interacting. Thus, the genetic recombination and traits of such returns, more and more new traits. In this process, conscious artificial hybridization and random natural selection can occur simultaneously or alternately. However, the artificial selection process to be inferior is always dominated. Another possible way to produce new chrysanthemum varieties is the mutation of somatic cells (buds), and use fixed buds to achieve new varieties.

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