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Basketball star Michael Jordan

Basketball star Michael Jordan (Picture 1)


Michael Jordan, born on February 17, 1963 in Brooklyn, New York, USA, former professional basketball player, is a shooting guard, nicknamed "Air Jordan." On April 16, 2003, Michael Jordan officially announced his retirement after the game of the Wizards' home game against the 76ers. He is considered to be the greatest basketball player in history. On September 11, 2009, Michael Jordan was selected to the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame.

On February 17, 1963, Michael Jordan was born in Brooklyn, New York, USA. At the age of five, the Jordan family moved to North Carolina. When he was a child, Jordan was very naughty. After he followed his brother and liked basketball, Jordan amateur. Time is all spent on the court. On March 29, 1982, Jordan, a freshman at the University of North Carolina, scored a victory in the finals of the NCAA League, helping the University of North Carolina beat the Georgetown University team led by Ewing by 63-62. In the 1982-83 season, Jordan was named "University Player of the Year" and the All-American First Team by "Sports News." In the 1983-84 season, Jordan was once again named "Sports News" by the "University Players of the Year" and the All-American First Team.

Michael Jordan was selected by the Chicago Bulls in the third round of the 1984 NBA Draft. He played for the Chicago Bulls and the Washington Wizards in his career, and was named the NBA Rookie of the Year in his rookie season. In the 1986-87 season, Jordan averaged 37.1 points and won the NBA scoring title for the first time. In the 1991-93 season, Jordan won the regular season MVP and the Finals MVP (FMVP) for three consecutive times, leading the Chicago Bulls to three NBA championships. On October 6, 1993, he was retired due to his father’s murder and announced his return two years later. In 1996, Michael Jordan was selected as the NBA 50 superstar. In the 1996-98 season, Jordan won the 10th (10 total) NBA scoring titles and the 5th (5 total) regular season MVPs in his career, and again led the Bulls 3 times (6 times in total) NBA total Champion, he was elected to the 6th Finals MVP.

On January 13, 1999, Michael Jordan announced his retirement again after the failure of the labor negotiations. Two years later, the Washington Wizards announced their comeback again. Michael Jordan's career has been selected into the NBA All-Star team (14 times) and was elected to the NBA All-Star MVP three times. He was selected to the NBA All-NBA team 10 times. In 1985, he was selected as the NBA All-NBA Second Team. In 1988, he won the NBA. The defensive player of the year, was selected to the NBA All-Defensive team for 9 times, won the NBA steals three times, won the NBA All-Star Slam Dunk Championship twice, and won the Olympic gold medal in 1984 and 1992. Jordan is considered to be the greatest basketball player in history.

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