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Ichiro Suzuki

Ichiro Suzuki (Picture 1)


Baseball player Ichiro Suzuki, born in 1973, is a native of Nishi Kasugai County, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. He plays for the Seattle Mariners in Major League Baseball. In 1991, he was selected by ORIX Blue Wave as the fourth name. In 1994, he was registered in the first army under the name Ichiro. In that year, he set a maximum of 210 hits in a single season of Japanese professional baseball and created the highest rate of 30% 85 strikes in the Pacific League. After that, he set a Japanese record of hitting the king for 7 consecutive years. He was the only player to hit hits in 8 consecutive games and was selected as an outfielder for the All-Star team after the game.

In the second year of high school, the Orix Blue Wave Scout Miwada Victory has begun to notice Ichiro Suzuki. In 1992, he formally joined the Orix Blue Wave team. With a strike rate of .366 that year, he became the champion of the second army since Takagi Shoudao. Newcomer, on December 22, 1993, Orix's new supervisor, Bin Yang, promoted Suzuki Ichiro vigorously. Ichiro logged in under the name "Ichiro", and was promoted to a stick responsible for opening the road on April 16 of the following year; on June 1, the hit rate. 378 boarded the Pacific League strike list first. In the 1994 season, Ichiro Suzuki won the MVP, Hit King, Hit King, Best Nine Player, Golden Glove and other awards in one go. Toyoyama Town awarded the "Citizen Honor Award". The "Ichiro Tornado" formed in Japanese society that year.

In Japan, he won the title of Excellent Batsman for seven consecutive years. Won the "Most Valuable Player Award" three times, he helped the Orix team win the 1998 Japan United Championship title. In 2001, Ichiro Suzuki entered the Major League Baseball with a transfer fee of 28 million US dollars and joined the Seattle Mariners. That year, he won the league's best rookie, most valuable player, and all-star with excellent performance in both offense and defense. line-up.

In 2004, Suzuki Ichiro broke George Sisler's 257 hits with 262 hits and maintained the 84-year major league record. On September 17, 2006, he hit his 200th personal hit this season, maintaining his 200 hits for six consecutive years, becoming the second man in the history of Major League Baseball. Suzuki Ichiro's high hit rate makes his opponents very jealous, and he is often deliberately sent to base at critical moments.

In addition, Suzuki Ichiro’s defense is equally good. The right outfielder is not only good at judging, fast, accurate and stable in catching flying balls or blocking the earth, and passing the ball to the infield to help kills is also very powerful. Every season for six years Both won the Golden Glove Award and were selected for the All-Star team every season. On July 30, 2007, in a game between the Seattle Mariners and the Oakland Athletics, Ichiro Suzuki became the third fastest player in the major leagues with 1,500 hits. He reached this milestone in just 1,060 games, surpassing Ty Cobb's 1,070 games.

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