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Football Baby Jirly Huezer

Football Baby Jirly Huezer (Picture 1)


Ji Li Hazel, born in England on September 18, 1986, is a British three-version girl and glamour model. She once starred in "Supermarket Sleepless". Ji Li Hazel has been rated as one of the 100 sexiest women in the world with her charming and hot body. She is also a famous football baby in the Premier League and is loved by fans. The British mass media FHM put Ji Li · Hazel voted as the second most sexy goddess in the world.

Soon after the 18th birthday candle was blown out, Ji Li Hazel’s boyfriend sent a group of her photos to the "Sun", which is famous for its photos of hot beauties, to participate in the three-page girl contest. Ji Li Hazel surpassed her opponents, won high popularity among readers, and finally won the title of "Three-Edition Girl Idol" by the newspaper. In addition to the one-year contract with The Sun, Ji Li Hazel also received gorgeous costumes worth 10,000 pounds.

Because Ji Li Hazell's beautiful photos have been widely spread on the Internet, Ji Li Hazell has long been a hot figure in the UK. According to a poll, her popularity even surpasses that of star Beckham. Winning the "Three-Edition Girl Idol" changed her life. Walking on the street, many people would recognize her and ask: "Are you the Ji Li Hazel?" She smiled and replied, "I am Ji Li Hazel, but I don’t know if I’m the Ji Li Hazel you were talking about."

After the expiration of the contract with the "Sun", Ji Li Hazel appeared on the covers of "MAXIM" and "Men Gang" successively. In 2007, the image of Ji Li Hazel appeared frequently in the British adult entertainment magazines "Zoo", "Nuts" and "Loaded". In 2015, Ji Li Hazel appeared on the cover of the January 2015 issue of the British edition of "FHM" magazine. This is the ninth time the 28-year-old British supermodel has been on the cover of "FHM" magazine. She became "FHM". The most popular character since the founding of aspirations. In the UK, no British man would dare to say that he didn't know the name of Ji Li Hazel, because in this way he would be laughed at by others. At least half of men in the United Kingdom believe that Gilly Hazel is the ninth wonder of the world.

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