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British actor Jason Stanson

British actor Jason Stanson (Picture 1)


Jason Stanson, July 26, 1967, born in London, UK, British film and television actor. He learned a hunch, karate and Taekwondo. In 1992, Jason Stanson participated in the 12th World Diving Championship in the British National Diving Team attended, and received 12th. In 1998, Jason showed a "two big smoke gun" in the criminal movie covering Iri Ridge. Jason Stanson is Steve Mai Quin in the UK. He has a very precious quality. He will pay a lot, but it is not a very characterful actor.

In 2002, Jason Steinson began to serve as the male protagonist of the "very human traders" series. In 2008, Jason Stanson joined the movie "Death". In April 2013, the Global Body Magazine "Men's Health" announced the "Hollywood's most beautiful actor star list", Jason Stanson won the championship. April 2015, Jason Steinson's "Speed ​​and Passion 7" released. In 2015, he confirmed the return "Speed ​​and Passion 8". In 2016, Jason Steinson starred in China and the United States and the film "giant tooth shark". On April 8, 2017, Jason Steatan starred in "Speed ​​and Passion 8" held a global premiere in New York, officially released on April 14, and finally achieved $ 1.2 billion global box office.

Jason Stanson is a classic actor in the 21st century. His image is not only a strong body, but his lifestyle is a representative of "bodybuilding". Jason Stanson never appreciates the bloodthirsty-like mechanical killing of the traditional action movie, tends to make the characters that will be more human, tough guilty is the most attractive label of Jason Stanson, not only let the man call. Havilitated, also successfully captured the hearts of women. I like his fans always have some regrets, sorry Jason Stanson's low-key and dull, regret Jason Stanson's star can't reach the vertices.

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