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China Qin Shihuang Terracotta Warriors

China Qin Shihuang Terracotta Warriors (Picture 1)


The Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Qin Shijie were 1.5 kilometers away from the East of Qin Shihuangling in Linyi District, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province. In March 1961, Qin Shihuang Mausole was announced by the State Council as the first national key cultural relics protection unit. In March 1974, the Terracotta Warriors were discovered; in 1987, the Qin Shihuang Mausoleum and the Terracotta Warriophius were included in the World Heritage List by UNESCO, and was known as "the eighth miracle of the world", more than 200 foreign heads Visiting the Terracotta Warriors, which became a gold medal business card in ancient Chinese brilliant civilization, is known as one of the world's top ten ancient tomb rare treasures.

"Historical Record" records: Qin Shihuang Mausoleum is hosted by planning and design according to the practice, and the general chapter supervisor, the construction time is 39 years, the Terracotta Warriors is the production and burial of the burial pit. In the first year of the Qin Ziying (206 BC), the first time, the first time, the first time, may also be the largest disaster. According to historical records such as "Historical Records, Gaozu Budi", Xiang Yu attacks in the school, the large-scale destruction of Qin Shihuangling, the ground building is destroyed once, and tapped the Tombs, the Terracotta Warriors also damaged in this catocker. The archaeological discovement indicates that a black charcoal remains in the No. 1 drag and the second dragon, indicating that the collapse of the No. 2 drag is caused by fire burning.

Qin Shihuang Terracotta Warriors and Horses Sitting Sitting Western, Sanguang Shipping Half. The earliest discovery is a single dragon, there are more than 8,000 terracotta warriors in the pit, and there are slope door in the four sides. There is a terracotta pit, called second pit and three pits. Terracotta pit is a ground-scale civil structure building, which digs a big pit deep about 5 meters deep from the ground, and built a parallel soil separating wall in the middle of the pit. The two sides of the wall are arranged in cross wood, and the horizontal wood and soil sections are intensive on the shacks, and the shed is paved on the shed, and then the loess is covered, which constitutes the top of the pit, and the top of the pit is higher. Meter. The bottom of the drag is paved with blue bricks. The spatial height of the top to the bottom of the pit is 3.2 meters. After the pottery, Tao Ma put into the drag, with a wooden block, the doorway was used to fill in the doorway, so it formed a closed underground building.

Terracotta Warriors from the identity, mainly soldiers and military universities, military universities, intermediate, senior. General soldiers do not derive the crown, and the army wear the crown, the crown of ordinary army is different, and even the armor is different. The soldiers include infantry, cavalry, and trucks. According to the actual needs, the martial arts equipment of different arms are different. The most popular martial arts, most of the hands of the bronze weapon, with a bow,, arrow, beryllium, spear, gob, 殳, sword, bend knife and 钺, is wearing a fine armor, there is a chest The racket of the color line is huge. The military head is wearing a long crown, and the quantity is more than the martial art. The face, body, expression, eyebrows, eyes and ages of Qin Shihuang Terracotta Warriors have different.

Qin Shihuang Terracotta Warriors and vividly shaped a variety of characters with certain character. Its style is thick, washed, and the touching artistic charm is a symbol of the ancient Chinese shaping art. It has inherited both Chinese ceramics tradition since the Warring States, and laid the foundation for the prosperity of the development of art in the Tang Dynasty, and the role in the undersiscies were praised as the "eight miracles of the world", "the treasures of the ancient spiritual civilization". In 1987, Qin Shihuangling and Terracotta Warrioscope were included in the World Heritage List by UNESCO.

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