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Tolstoy "war and peace"

Tolstoy war and peace (Picture 1)


Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy (1828 ~ 1910), is the late 19th century and early 20th century Russia's greatest writer, is one of the most outstanding writers in the history of world literature, his literary works in the world Literature occupies an important position. His novels are "War and Peace", "Anna Karenina", "Resurrection", as well as "a landlord's morning", "Cossack", "Sevastopol" works. He also created a lot of fairy tale. With his own hard work, he ascended the peak of European critique of realism at that time. He also wrote his "first-class works in world literature" with his strong brushwork and excellent artistic skills, and was praised by Lenin as "genius artist" with "the most sober realism".

"War and Peace" is one of the performers of Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy. In order to complete this epoch-making masterpiece, Tolstoy spent more than ten years before and after the book, and the book published in 1865 to 1869, about Europe in the Napoleonic period of Russia happened. "War and Peace" has been considered one of the greatest novels in the world since its inception.

In 1812, Russia and France re-war, Andrei Paul Kursky in the battle was seriously injured, while the Russian army retreat, seeing Moscow will be caught in the hands of the enemy. Rostov used the carriage to be used to carry the family, changed to send the wounded, Natasha found in the wounded soldiers will die Andrei Porkonsky. She apologized to him and took care of him, but everything was futile, and he still died. Pierre disguised as a farmer, trying to assassinate Napoleon, but was arrested by the French army and become a prisoner. His wife Ailun in the war, still continue its debauchery behavior, and finally due to misuse of abortion drugs and death. After several fights, Russia finally won the victory, Pierre in Moscow coincidence Natasha, then married, and Andrei Porkonsky's sister Maria also married Nadasha brother Nickla.

The story is based on the Russian Patriotic War in 1812 as the center, reflecting the 1805 to 1820 major events, including the Austerlitz World War, Borodino Battle, Moscow fire, Napoleon retreat and so on. Through the four families and Andre, Pierre, Natasha in the war and peaceful environment in the description of ideas and actions, showing the Russian society at that time. In the "war and peace", the characters as many as 559, each one is a living flesh and blood, each have their own unique personality, and full of life throbbing, human joy, pain, all kinds of inner thoughts-there is everything in this painting. And the epic poetic rhythm and wide horizon, and only Homer's works can be compared.

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