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F22 Raptor Fighter

F22 Raptor Fighter (Picture 1)


F22 Raptor fighter, is the United States Lockheed Martin and Boeing jointly developed single-seat double-fat high-stealth fifth-generation fighter. F22 is the world's first to enter the service of the fifth generation fighter.

F22 fighter, developed from the United States in the 1980s advanced tactical fighter program, which aims to develop the next generation of Air Force fighter aircraft for the US Air Force to deal with the emerging global threat to replace the F-15 Eagle fighter, and to fully exceed the performance Former Soviet Soviet-27 fighter.

In December 15, 2005 F22 reached the initial combat capability. F22 in the airborne electronic equipment, mobility, weapons configuration ahead of the world's other advanced fighters, and supersonic cruise capability and stealth performance is the majority of fighters have not yet been able to achieve the ability.

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