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Chinese dumplings

Chinese dumplings (Picture 1)


Dumplings is a traditional Chinese food. Dumplings originate from ancient persons. The original name "delicate ear" is the first invented in my country Nanyang Personnel, and there is a history of more than 1,800 years. It is a traditional feature of traditional specialty foods that are loved by the Chinese people, but also known as water, is the staple food and local snacks of Chinese folks, and also the annual food. There is a folk song called "big cold and cold, eat dumplings for the New Year." Dumplings are cooked with a pair of puppies. In Japan and South Korea, super love dumplings, their dumplings generally refer to the frying dumplings, and spread to South Korea and Japan during the fumes in Northeast.

Dump dumplings originated in the Eastern Han Dynasty in the Eastern Han Dynasty, and was first created for the medical holy. About the Tang Dynasty, the dumplings have become almost the same as today, and it is fed out in the plate. Dumplings are more cold water and flour, put the faces and water together, knead into large rough dough, cover the wet yarn or towel on the cover, place for an hour or so, the knife cuts or hands into a few small dough, The round length of the diameter of about 3 cm, the knife cuts or hands were taken into a small size, and these small-sided doses were smashed into a small perimeter thin dumpling skin, wrapped stuffing , Pinch the moon or the angle, first boil the cold water, add the pan and take the pan in the pan or take the coil in the pan or clockwise to prevent dumplings, cook until the dumplings are floating water. If the meat filling can be added to the cold water and then burn, repeated two or three times). Dumplings can also be made of hot noodles, oil crisp noodles or rice noodles; stuffing core can be delicious, sweet and salty; mature methods can also be steamed, branded, fried, fried, etc., there are three fresh, shrimp, crab, sea cucumber, Fish, chicken, pork, beef, mutton, etc., the plain filling is all the like filing, ordinary plain filling.

The dumplings are characterized by pumping, delicious, unique in shape, eating. The production of dumplings is complete, and the cooking method guarantees less nutrients and is in line with the meaning of Chinese color fragrance diet. Dumplings are a long-standing folk eating, deeply welcomed by ordinary people, and the folks have a "delicious but dumplings". Every Spring Festival, dumplings become a kind of cuisine that should be indispensable. There are many famous names in China, such as the prawn dumplings made by the Guangdong, Shanghai's pot stickers, Yangzhou crab yellow steamed dumplings, Shandong's high soup dumplings, Shenyang's old side dumplings, Sichuan clock dumplings, etc. People welcome varieties. Dumplings have now become an indispensable Chinese New Year. In the package dumplings, people often pack gold, brown sugar, peanuts, jujube and chestnuts. Eat wishful, eat brown sugar, the days of the coming year is more sweet, people who eat peanuts will have a healthy life, people who eat jujube and chestnuts will have a child early, and they will continue to be financial.

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