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Israeli breakfast shakshuka

Israeli breakfast shakshuka (Picture 1)


Shakshuka is a very classic breakfast in Israel, and it is Israel's signature dish. Shakshuka's ingredients: appropriate amount of olive oil, one onion, appropriate amount of garlic, one or two green peppers, one tomato, appropriate amount of salt, appropriate amount of paprika, and two eggs.

How to make Shakshuka: First, pour olive oil, onions, and garlic in a preheated pan, and stir-fry. Then add the green peppers and tomatoes and stir-fry for about three minutes (all are diced, and the tomatoes should be blanched and peeled). Next, add salt, chili powder, chili and other seasonings (I was surprised to see a lot of chili powder when I watched the video, but it didn't feel spicy when I ate it). You can put more black pepper, cumin and the like depending on your preference. Finally, put the eggs and fry them over a low fire for a while.

If the vegetables are going to dry but the eggs are not yet cooked, you can add a small amount of water along the side of the pot and cover the pot to ensure that the vegetables and eggs are just cooked. Sprinkle with chives and coriander before serving. The Israeli breakfast shakshuka is a perfect combination of the sweetness of eggs, the sourness of tomatoes and the spiciness of chili powder.

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