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"Castle in the Sky"

Castle in the Sky (Picture 1)


The story “Castle in the Sky” is about the adventures of the heroine girls Cida and Juvenile Bath and pirates, the army, and Muska looking for the Castle in the Sky Laputa. It is an animated film produced by Ghibli Studio in Japan. Hayao Miyazaki serves as original, supervising, script design, character setting and director. The film was released in Japan on August 2, 1986. The theme song "With you" is composed by the musician Joe Hisai. It is famous around the world for its beautiful tears and beautiful rhythm. It has been adapted into multiple versions and became a popular film and television music.

The little girl Shida is a descendant of the legendary “Laputa” of the Castle in the Sky. It was an air civilization beyond the thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-year-old civilization. But somehow, the ancestors of the Cida left “Castle in the Sky "abandoned advanced technology and led a life of seclusion on the ground. However, one day, several unidentified men appeared in front of her house."

The story begins when the army's flying ship Seada is attacked by pirates in the air. In the battle, Shida fell from the 10,000-metre high-flying ship. The story of another hero, Bath, who was a student of the miner pilot, found that a shimmering thing was slowly falling on this day's work. What is it? UFO? He ran like a fly and found that it was a cute girl who floated down from the sky under the blue light...

The next day, Xida woke up in Bath's room and found a photo of “Castle in the Sky”. This is the real Castle in the Sky that Bath's father risked his life to take, but no one believes him except for Bath. So my father died in a gloomy mood. Bath vowed to prove to others that Castle in the Sky really exists.

The savvy pirate soon came to the door. Then there was a dazzling shot of chasing and escaping. In the end, the two men fell into the deep mine, and the flying stone of Shida glowed again, leaving the two of them safe. In the mine shaft, the flying stone resonated with the ore below the well. It used to be the place where the flying stone material was extracted. However, the technique of refining the flying stone is only known to Lapida's talents.

The “Castle in the Sky” drama is full of new elements. The movie almost perfectly portrays the landscape of the world in which the story occurred. It is a bit sci-fi and a bit of myth. It also has some taste during the period of the European Industrial Revolution, such as an elevated Old trains on railroad tracks, dark caverns, flying boats, clay sculpture robots, etc. The intense and intense plot runs through the film, but the blue skies and thick white clouds dilute the sharp conflicts more intriguingly; the expressions of the characters do not rely on lines but rely on the specific actions of the characters to make the characters more personal. It is profound.

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