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Chinese mahjong

Chinese mahjong (Picture 1)


Mahjong, originated in China, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao commonly known as sparrows, is the ancient Chinese invented the entertainment appliances, generally with bamboo, bone or plastic made of small rectangular, engraved with patterns or words, a total of 136. Four people dominate the game, it is popular in the Chinese culture circle.

Mahjong card also known as sparrow card, this is Jiangsu Taicang "food card". Relevant information records, the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty in Taicang City, Jiangsu Province had a large granary, perennial hoarding rice. Every year because of sparrows eat a lot of food loss. Management of the granary of the officials, in order to reward the capture of sparrows, with bamboo chips to record the number of sparrows, with the payment of remuneration, which is Taicang's "food card." This card engraved with a variety of symbols and numbers, both to watch, but also the game, but also for the bonus vouchers.

Mahjong not only has a unique game features, but also puzzle, fun, rich content, long heritage, and thus become an important part of traditional Chinese culture. Mahjong is very popular in China's vast urban and rural areas, the popular range involves all sectors of society, various fields, has entered thousands of households, becoming China's largest and influential intellectual sports activities. The objective existence of mahjong is the reality that anybody in China can not evade today.

Because the mahjong card has a strong interest, entertainment and puzzle, which is very popular with people's favorite, very popular, great impact. In the early 1920s, mahjong was not only popular in Asia, but also popular in Europe and America. At that time the export of mahjong card, the card surface there are Arabic numerals and English letters. There are many foreign books detailing mahjong play and research mahjong play magazines. Japan and other countries also have specialized research mahjong card groups and regular national mahjong contest. In Europe and the United States, the mahjong as the embodiment of the East taste of the antique, into the carved fine box collection is also no lack of its people.

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