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Badaling Great Wall

Badaling Great Wall (Picture 1)


Badaling Great Wall, located in Beijing Yanqing District Jundu Shan Guangou Road north exit. Is an important part of the ancient Great Wall of China's great defense project. Badaling Scenic Area is a national civilized scenic tourist area demonstration sites, with its magnificent landscape, perfect facilities and profound cultural and historical connotation and known to the world, is a world famous tourist destination.

According to "Historical Records" records, to prove that the Badaling area in the Warring States period built the Great Wall, and now still can see the residual wall, piers and remains, its direction, compared to this Great Wall is generally consistent. One hundred and five hundred years ago the Northern Wei Dynasty, in the vicinity of the Badaling area to build the Great Wall. Badaling Great Wall, built in the Ming Dynasty Hongzhi eighteen years (1505 years), the Badaling Great Wall is carried out for more than eighty years of construction, a total of more than 1,300 miles. And anti-Japanese star Qi Jiguang was transferred to the north, direct the Great Wall defense work. Badaling Great Wall is located in Beijing Yanqing District Jundu Shan Guangou Road north exit. Is the essence of the Great Wall. The section of the Great Wall terrain, condescending, is the Ming Dynasty important military pass.

Badaling is the witness of many major events in history. The first emperor Qin Shi Huang arrived Tateishi, from the Badaling Road Datong, and then drive back to Xianyang. Shaw Taihuo patrol, Yuan Taizu into the Yuan Dynasty emperor twice every year between Beijing and the capital, the emperor of the Ming Dynasty Northern Expedition, Li Zicheng captured Beijing, the Qing emperor proified Badaling are, they have to go through Badaling. In the modern history, Zhan Tianyou in the Badaling presided over the construction of China's own construction of the first railway-Beijing Railway, Sun Yat-sen boarded the Badaling Great Wall, leaving a lot of historical allusions and precious historical memories, is the historical place.

August 1991, Badaling as the essence of the Great Wall, in the Beijing Palace Museum, accepted the UNESCO cultural heritage certificate issued by UNESCO. Badaling Great Wall is the Great Wall to open the first place to visitors. Badaling received countless Chinese and foreign tourists, there have been Nixon, Reagan, Thatcher, Gorbachev, Elizabeth, Heath and other foreign leaders and a large number of world figures, they have come to the Badaling tour.

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