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Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral (Picture 1)


The Cathedral of Our Paris is a Gothic Christian church building on the center of Seine, Paris, Paris, France, is a church of Catholic Paris. Its status, historical value is unparalleled, is one of the most brilliant buildings in history. The Paris Notre Dame was built on March 24, 1163. It is the big church of the Paris, Morris De Suli, decided to build, the whole church has been built in 1345. In 182, the front double tower is about 69 meters, which is flanse. Inside the gothic church in the island, there is a key representation of a critical representation, and it is also the world's first full sense of Gothic church. The engraving and painting art of altar, cloister, doors and windows, etc., as well as a large number of art treasures of 13 to 17th centuries in the hall, and is a symbol of ancient Paris. Although this is a religious building, it flashes the wisdom of the French people, reflecting people's pursuit and yearning for a better life.

At 1160, Paris Bishop Morris De Suli launched a church's reconstruction plan, and the Pope Alexander III came from 1163 to lay a foundation (also said that the Bishop Suli laid the foundation), opened the construction project of this French Gothic architecture. . At 1163, Notre Dame was built in 1345, the total building height of approximately more than 130 meters is the first complete Gothic church in Europe. It has the significance of the elasticity, and the most representative of Paris. Monument. The church used to be places where the European Artisan Organization and Education Organization Rally. In the 1182, it began construction from singing and poetry. After starting, the pedestrian speed was very fast, so after the 1182 Pope, the basic function of the Notre Dame was approximately formed. Once up until this stage, the workers began to remove the old church. Throughout the French generations of various craftsmen: the stonemason teacher, carpenter, blacksmith, engraving, glass carving clerk, etc., the Notre Dame final was completed in 1345, time consuming for nearly two centuries.

During the French Revolution at the end of the 18th century, most of the treasures of the church were destroyed or plundered. It was visible to the exclusive carvings and the statue of the head. The only big clock is so excused, and the Not Master is already a thousand. Hundred wells. After that, the church was changed to a rational temple, and later became a Tibetan wine warehouse until 1804 Napoleon governance, it also used it to religion. French famous writers Victor, Hugo, who had done the most poetic depiction of the Notre Dame in his novel "Notre Dame" in Paris. This novel is written in the romantic era of the history of French literature. After publishing the 1831 book, a large echo, many people want to build the distinctive Notre Dame, and launched a fundraising program. The repair plan began in 1844, hosted by historian and architects, Ole Le Dick, reappearing the Glorious Gloria. Today, the Notre Dame is still the world of French Gothic architecture, and almost maintained the original original style. The Notre Dame also shows the history of Gothic churches.

On April 15, 2019, the Notre Dame de Paris had a fire, and its landmark spire collapsed under the flame. Hundreds of firefighters rushed to the live rescue, and finally successfully controld the fire, saving the main structure of the Notre Dame. On the 16th, after nearly 15 hours of fire burning, the firefighters in Paris announced that the fire has been extinguished. Although the main building skeleton and the two clock tower are very difficult in the fire, the tip of the Notre Dame is collapsed, and two rings are destroyed. On April 16, 2019, French President Markon issued a TV speech and hoped to rebuild the Notre Dame de Paris within 5 years. On May 10, 2019, the French National Assembly began to review the Paris Notre Dame Reconstruction Act to provide legal guarantees to reconstruct Notre Dame dealer. Ristis said that reconstruction projects will not be rushing to horses, and must comply with relevant laws and regulations to repair cultural heritage, so that the Notre Dame of Paris will reproduce glory. All walks of life is committed to reconstructed Notre Dame donation of Paris. 1 billion euros.

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